more family ties

My younger sister Kelly is only 24 hours away from us (if we drive without stopping!).   She lives in Texas with her husband and three children.  We drive out there once a year for a visit.  This year, we had a new baby to celebrate:  my little niece, Jillian
What a cutie-patootie, huh?  She’s such a good baby, too.  Very mellow, yet alert.  So sweet :)  In this photo, Audriana holds her newest cousin.
Andrew with cousin Jason
Jason and Aria

I love how my oldest might be nineteen but yet  doesn’t think himself too cool to play with all the little ones.  No matter who’s watching, he is himself.  Always.

We also visited Sedona, Arizona on our last trip out to Texas.  It wasn’t exactly on the way, but so worth the detour.  It’s so pretty there!  We can’t wait to go back when we have time to camp and enjoy some hikes and bike rides.

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    I’m not getting your updates! It says your last post was three weeks ago!! Grrrr… I love all your pics, especially the ones of your sisters.

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    I love the photo of your bigger kids pulling the smaller ones in the wagon – it almost makes me want to have lots. I also really enjoyed reading your about page and no, you are not crazy. You know what works for you and clearly, you are a fabulous, joy-full mother.

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