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Homeschooling is something that I thought I would never do.  When I began homeschooling back in 2001, I did not know another person who homeschooled their kids.  None of my friends, none of my family — no one.  And I wasn’t on the internet back then, either.  At least, not like I am now.  I knew of the internet, but I wasn’t too interested in it.  (can you believe that?  I know! what was I thinking??)
Anyway, I remember feeling so alone.  And I was wondering if I was doing the right thing by my kids.  That first year was….productive, but yet I was full of doubts.  Did I teach them enough?  Were they learning all that they should be learning?
Then the following year I joined a local charter school.  I was still able to homeschool them, but I had the back-up of a school with a teacher assigned to us.  The teacher met with us just once a month to collect some of the kids’ work.  And this opened up a whole new world for me.  I was able to connect with other homeschoolers in our area, and it was at that time that I actually started to explore the internet and began reaching out to other homeschoolers.  I remember that second year as one of my most favorite years, only because everything was so new and exciting, and I wasn’t “unsure” or doubting myself any longer.
We still belong to a charter school, and there are field trips that we can go on with our charter school anytime we want to.  This month…it was the Sea World field trip.  It was just A.J. and myself (along with other kids and parents, of course)  and we had so much fun!
One of A.J.’s favorite exhibits was the starfish — you could pick them up and handle them but just not lift them OUT of the water.
Isn’t this just about the biggest fish you’ve ever seen?   It swam right up by A.J. and I just had to snap this picture of the beast.  It’s HUGE!!

This bird was not afraid of us at all.

The park had barely any visitors when we were there (early in the morning) and that was so nice.  No crowds!  No lines!  A.J. and I were able to take our time at each exhibit.  A.J. read all the educational postings about the animals there, and he learned quite a lot.

He was a bit bummed that our educational pass to the park did not include this ride — bummer!  Oh well, just means we have to go back on our own next time!

And when it was time to leave, we left through this special gate instead of the main gate.   I thought I’d get one last photo of him, and this seemed like as good of a place than any.  It was a fun time with just A.J.   You can’t beat that one-on-one time, you know?  It’s so special.

Changing the subject:  did you notice that my followers list is just 11 away from reaching the 100 mark?  For my little blog, this is quite the accomplishment.

Have a GREAT weekend!

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    What a wonderful field trip!!! I am sure that you created memories with your son that he will never forget! 😀 You are a great photographer. I really enjoyed your pictures…that fish was HUGE! My son would have really loved the star fish too!!! He is 8. You are doing a great job Mom! Keep it up! 😀

    Building Home with Him,

    Mary Joy

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    It’s so nice to see so many kids in one family, with parents that love them! You must get “the comments,” because we do with just four kids and Baby #5 on the way. Great job, Katrina! Oh, I had to use your name just because I love it. =) I have a close friend, all the way back from childhood, with the same name.

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    I found your blog through the Weekend Bloggy Reading hop and read through your About page, your car accident, your daughter’s brain injury to her prom photos . . . Wow! What a beautiful family you have! Your posts kept me riveted so I became your 91st follower to help you along towards 100. I’ll be back to visit for sure. Blessings!

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    I loved Sea World…went to the TX one in the 90s. :) Great photos, Katrina! The one of AJ’s profile with the bird is fabulous. I bet he will have some very special memories of that day with his mom. :) Thank you for sharing. :)

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