Where’s My Camera?

Sometimes my camera “disappears” when I leave it on the charger.  I look everywhere…and then a few hours (or days!) later, it magically appears on a table or the kitchen counter.  And to find out who had my camera, all I need to do is download the pictures….

and this week’s featured photographer is……


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    LOL, no getting one over on Mom! She knows all the tricks!

    My Little Bit is 14 months old and has learned to redial the phone. He called my friend at 7:15 this morning. She called me back in a panic, “Are you okay?” I laughed and explained who the caller really was. Us Mom’s are such great sleuths. We can figure out who has done the deed ;D

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    Hi! So glad you stopped by my blog. I’m glad to know you have a family night with your family. Who cares the religion, right? Family is family and as long as Christ is at the head of our families we will all be OK. Noticed on your blog you just recently suffered a miscarriage. I’m terribly sorry! I love knowing those sweet spirits are waiting for us. I love your blog and your family. I only have 2 children but I wish I had as many as you! I would like to have had 5 or 6. Have a fun day!

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