Designing Women

Avery had to design a dress to earn one of her badges in Girl Scouts.  She had a pattern to go by, and she chose the paper and made all the cuts, and here is her dress with handbag accessory.  Cute, huh?  It’s glued on a canvas backing.

Aislynn wanted to get in on the fun, too, so she made this one all by herself (can you tell from the cuts?)   I think she did a great job, and I wanted to keep it for memory’s sake, but she insisted on giving it to her Kindergarten teacher.  She’s sweet like that.

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    They did a great job! and i know what you mean – my daughters often give things to grandmothers, godmothers and aunts that I would really prefer to keep – bums me out a little, but makes me glad they are so sweet.

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