his eyes

For years I have been trying to get a picture of Alex’s eyes in their true form.  Normally the lighting just doesn’t do his eye color justice, but this day at the pool…

I finally did it!!  I took the perfect picture of them.
THESE are his eyes, the eyes I look into every day and wonder just what color are they?
If you look closely, you will notice that both eyes are brown at the top of the eye, blue at the outer edges, and green on the inner edges.  It’s like they are cut into 3 equal parts, divided by color.  Very, very cool eyes for a guy to have, don’t you think?
Since his eyes are three different colors, what is he supposed to put on his driver’s license?   I would think he’d put “hazel” down as his eye color, but what exactly is the color hazel?  is it supposed to be a yellow-ish brown color?  or a blue mixed with green mixed with brown color?
If it’s not a Crayola Crayon, it’s not an official color, right?  I Googled it, and there is no Crayola Crayon of the color “hazel”.  So how can Alex’s eyes be hazel?  I don’t think such a color even exists.  I think people just use this term to describe eyes that they can’t decide what color they are!

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  1. Anonymous says

    I don’t know what color his eyes are, but that is one beautiful boy! I feel badly for the girls who are bound to have hearts broken by this cutie!

  2. says

    Gorgeous kiddo! I have several kids with indescribable eyes – and all have been identified as “hazel”. I have decided that the definition of “hazel” is “we have no idea what the crap color that is, but it sure is beautiful!”

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