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Aria is finally in her own small room, with her own small bed. At last, a place to put her “stuff” instead of our bedroom.  A place for her to sleep instead of our bed!  Oh, happy day!
But when I say small room, I am not exaggerating.  In our master bedroom, we had a room off to the side that was called a “retreat” — so we built out the wall and added a door.  Now that retreat room is Aria’s room.  Yes, you have to go through  our room to get to  her  room, but still.  There’s a door.  It works.  (with nine kids in a 5 bedroom house, you have to be creative!)
And when I say she has her own small bed, what I mean is… a crib mattress on the floor.  A twin bed will not fit in this room without making the room look like a closet.  So she is just going to have to use a toddler bed for now.  What I’d like to do is get a really nice toddler bed frame.  Here is one that I like:

How cute will this be?  I can put a curtain around the railing so that the space below the bed can hold her toy containers and also double as a “fort” for her and her siblings to play under. And I will paint  the frame white and stencil her name on the side.  Maybe stencil some flowers or butterflies on it as well.  She’s going to love this!  

So Rich swears he can make this for her, instead of buying it.  Of course he doesn’t want to buy it, since he can MAKE it himself!  Same old story.  I told him that I have no doubt that he CAN make it, but the question is… will he ever get around to making it?  And will she be eight years old by the time he finishes?  Yeah, that comment went over well.   

So he finally said, “Fine. Just order it then.”  
He didn’t sound mad, just a bit disappointed.  

Ugh, the guilt!

So…should I just let him make it?  If so, how long should I give him to do it?  Aria just turned three.  I figure she has about another year, possibly two, before she outgrows a toddler bed.  I would need this bed asap if she’s going to get any use out of it.  

Today we went to a friend’s backyard pool.  I’ll admit that this makes me want to get a pool in our backyard!  So nice to have the pool all to ourselves, with no worries of others coming to invade our space…or of us invading theirs!

Andrew is swimming on his own now, without his life vest.  He’s jumping into the deep end, swimming across the pool…

I’m so proud of him!

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    andrew’s swimming?! cool!! great pics like usual. i’m jealous of that pool too. hello, 107 degrees here in Tx! we could use it!

    i would’ve totally kept that potty seat! i could just see you saying “did you know your mother used this seat when she was potty training?” :)

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    Marie! Okay, now I’m feeling bad that I threw the old potty seat out! I’m telling you, I have a very hard time getting rid of things. I’m borderline hoarder. So I thought I was doing “good” by getting rid of the old thing.
    Now…I want it back. ::sniff, sniff::

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    Beautiful pictures of your children, Katrina. Thanks for stopping by to introduce yourself and comment on my blog. I am looking forward to reading the rest of your blog, learning and sharing with you over time.

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      When we built it, we modified it to a crib mattress size. I had to provide the link to give credit to the photo. Sorry about that 😉

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    I’m looking for something like this as well but for a basement play area. The max length I have is 68 inches which is too small for a twin size mattress. I nor my husband have the time to make it though. Any ideas on anyone that might sell one like this but crib size?

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