schedule overload

It was bound to happen.  
There’s just too much to keep track of.  
Five kids in soccer.  
One kid in baseball.
Three kids in Kung Fu.
Two kids in piano lessons.
All week long there are games, lessons and practices.  And I am the “keeper of the schedule”.  I am responsible for making sure that everyone gets to where they need to be on time each week. That’s my job.  And yesterday I blew it.  Like I said, it was bound to happen.  I’m on schedule overload, big time.
Yesterday I sent Aislynn and Andrew with Rich to A.J.’s soccer practice.  Rich is the coach of that team, and he likes for the other two to come with him to the practices so that he can work with them, too.  And so I sent them and thought all was well and good with that.  Until today, when I realized that I completely forgot that Aislynn had soccer practice at the same time as A.J.’s practice.  She only has one practice a week, and it’s on Mondays, and I completely forgot.  So while she was playing with A.J.’s team, she could have/should have been practicing with her own team.  Ugh!  

Here she is at LAST Monday’s practice ~ I can’t believe I forgot this week’s!!
She’s going to be so upset with me when she finds out that she missed her practice this week.  I hate letting my kids down.  It makes me feel awful.

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    oh no! well at least she was practicing soccer! and 6th grade already?? i see his face eating ice cream and i see matthew in just another year in middle school. no way!

    and poor mama and poor baby. i’m sorry rich has to deal with that. i can’t imagine trying to get in and save my own child and not being able to. breaks my heart. i will squeeze my kiddos extra tonight too.

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