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Conversation overheard from the back of the van:
ALEX:  Mom, my next soccer tournament is in San Diego.
ANDREW:   They have Eggos there!
ANDREW:  They have EGGOS there!
ALEX:  What?  Andrew…what are you talking about?
ANDREW:  They DO have Eggos there.
ALEX: WHAT are you talking about?!
At this point, Andrew was getting frustrated.  He is five, and his words don’t always come out of his mouth correctly.  I could tell he was struggling getting his point across.
ME:  Andrew, what are you trying to say, honey?  Try again.
ANDREW:   Mom, they have Eggos in San Diego.  That’s what I’m trying to tell you.
ME:  Andrew…it’s not “Sandy Eggo” — it’s San Diego —  San  DIEGO.   It has nothing to do with Eggos!”
Andrew was quiet for a minute…then he said, “Oh.”
We did a lesson this week on the American Flag.  I read aloud from a workbook to Aislynn, Andrew and A.J. and they learned all kinds of facts about our flag; how many stripes it has, how many stars it has, what the stars and stripes symbolize, what the colors of our flag stand for, and other facts and fun trivia.  At the end of my reading, I asked the kids a few questions to see if they were listening well, and for the most part they got the answers correct.
A.J. is in the third grade, and I gave him a written test to complete.  I got it from the workbook, and the answers could be written right on the sheet of paper.  I did not let him have an open book test, but instead he had to just remember what I read to him.  For the most part, he did quite well.  I’d say he got most of the answers correct.  But this one cracked me up:
Q – What is the nic-name of the American Flag?
The correct answer is “Old Glory”  but A.J. had written, “Old Maid”.
I couldn’t stop laughing.
I said to him, “Old Maid!!  What made you put down “Old Maid” ?!!”
and he said, “Well, I knew it was “old” something!”
Another conversation in the car, this time in the Taco Bell drive-thru:
Aislynn:  Mom, do we eat when we are in Heaven?
Me:  I sure hope so!
Aislynn:  But do we?
Me:  Well, I don’t know, exactly.  Maybe we don’t need to eat when we are in Heaven.
Aislynn:  Why not? Because we will always be full?
Me:  Something like that.
Aislynn:  But mom, do we?  Do we eat in Heaven?
Me:  Honey, I don’t know.  I’ve never been there.  
Then all the kids started laughing really hard.  I guess they thought what I said was funny. I wasn’t trying to be funny.  I was just stating the facts as I know them!

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    haha those were funny. i thought andrew was trying to say leggos. as in lego land or something.

    every time we go to a football game or pep rally i see all the kids NOT singing the star spangled banner and i always think to myself that when i’m a teacher, i’m going to have those words posted in my room and teach the kids the words so that they don’t have to stand there not singing because they don’t know the words. your flag assignment made me think of that.

    i read an article on hugh jackman and he says “well sorry! i’ve never been a dad before!” when he’s apologizing to his kids about something. i thought that was funny.

  2. says

    Cute stories. I think the eggos one was my favorite, although I love that they laughed about heaven. Stop by if you get a chance in the next three days and join in to my first giveaway – $20 amazon gift card. Linked my name to the post.

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