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It’s been a busy week.   Soccer season has ended for AYSO and that means we had a lot of final games and team parties to attend.

Afton volunteered to referee Aislynn’s final soccer game of the season.

Here’s a shot with both Afton and Aislynn in it.  Aislynn is #7.

Two weeks ago it was Alex who volunteered to be the center ref at Aislynn’s game.  I think I forgot to post the photos of that, so here are a few:

Here’s one with both Alex and Aislynn.
Don’t they both look sporty in that yellow uniform?  I will say that it’s kind of neat to be at your kid’s soccer game while your other kid is the center ref.  I have double the reason to be proud while sitting on the sidelines!
Aria likes to come to the games with me.  I know this is not the greatest picture of her, but I just had to post it.  Check out the pink purse in the background.  And the Cinderella shoes.  Yes, even on the soccer field she wears the shoes and carries the purse.  So while this photo isn’t the best of her, it still tells a story.  And that’s what photos are supposed to do.
We had many end-of-the-year team parties to attend this week.    A.J.’s soccer team was undefeated, and so his party was a fun celebration at our local Sports Grill.  Pizza, cake, and a few games of pool.  It just doesn’t get better than that, you know?
Yea, that’s my 8 year old playing pool in a bar.  So?
My iPhone has become Aria’s most favorite thing.  She would carry it around in her little pink purse if I let her.   Why does she love my iPhone?  Because she is addicted to Angry Birds.  She plays every chance she gets.
playing Angry Birds at A.J.’s team party. 
(pink purse and Cinderella shoes are under the table)
I have been avoiding the computer this week due to all that’s going on with the final games and the team parties.  Not only that, but I have a few clutter spots to take care of around this house and I don’t want computer time to distract me from it.  It’s my goal to go into the holiday season with a clutter-free house.  Seems impossible, but I’m determined!  I’ll post photos of my efforts soon.
Speaking of the holiday season, I can’t believe that Christmas music is playing in the stores already.  Not only that, but Santa is already in our local mall.    If holidays had feelings, I’d feel so sorry for Thanksgiving.  Christmas is stealing it’s thunder this year.  How rude.
Have you heard all the stories on the news lately about the missing babies? One mother passes out after a night of drinking, leaves the doors to her home unlocked, and wakes up to find her baby missing from her crib.  Another mother leaves her two-year old in the car and comes back to find him gone.  What is the matter with mothers these days? They are failing to protect their children.  You don’t leave your house open at night, you don’t drink so much alcohol that you pass out and are therefor unable to protect your children in case an intruder enters your home, and when your car runs out of gas, you don’t leave your baby in the car while you go to get help.  I don’t know, these things just seem like common sense to me. What about you?   I just keep hearing more and more stories like these and it makes me so sad.  What makes me even sadder is when the truth comes out and the mother is found to be the one who lied and actually did harm to the baby, such as in this case. 
I just wish I could scoop up all these little ones and bring them home to live with me.  Even in my full house, even with my super-busy schedule, even though I feel I am stretched to my limits at times…. I would still take better care of them than their own mothers did.  It’s just so sad.

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  1. says

    your kids are adorable. i can’t wait for that stage of my kiddos…the small one’s that is.
    OMG, I just read that story. I’m sure some where they are going to come with the excuse that she was young…which is Boloney since I had my first child at 16, I work and went to college and he is currently attending college himself. There are mothers and then there are people like these…

  2. Anonymous says

    I refuse to let my child play with my phone! She’s 7 but I still think it should be off limits. That is …until a friend of mine let her 4 yr old son & my daughter occupy themselves with her phone. They played Angry Birds and my daughter is now an addict too!!! Hahaha. I tried to play once when it first came out & it’s just “not my thing”. But hey, if the kid deserves a reward or she’d be better off being occupied by playing a game she’s madly in love with, I suppose I’ll let her! She was tickled pink when I downloaded it on my phone…JUST FOR HER!

    And pah…no worries about A.J. playing pool in a “bar”! It’s a bar & GRILLE. If theres a problem with that then there is probably a problem when my 7 yr old plays darts in a bar (& resturant)! :)

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