Remember sweet little Penny?
Yea, she’s a lot of work.  Look what she does during the 5 minutes that I wasn’t watching her. 
Hmmmm.  With a family this size, we need all the rolls of toilet paper we can get.  So when she shreds a roll, it’s nothing to smile about.
Oh, what’s that I hear?  You say to keep the bathroom doors shut?  Well, yes…that would be ideal.  But I have nine kids.  NINE.  Chances are, someone is going to “forget” to shut the bathroom door.  What’s that I hear?  Another suggestion?  Oh yes, keep the dog outside.  Well, I hear that one, but no thank you.  Dogs are family and belong in the house if the family is in the house.  
Anyway, Penny has to be watched constantly because she’s in that puppy stage where she picks up everything, runs with it, and then chews it.  We’ve lost socks, Barbies, toilet paper, and  one Christmas ornament that was hanging too low on the tree.  Rich has been very patient with Penny, I must say.
Oh, and remember how we were looking for a home for sweet Penny?  Well, we found one.  Right here with us!  Rich gave us his blessing by finally saying, “Okay, fine – keep the dog!”   So maybe he could have used nicer words, but hey, we will take what we can get!   Truth be told, Penny was growing on Rich bit by bit.  I could tell when he’d say things like, “That’s a good girl”  to her, and when he wanted her to go to me he began saying, “Go to mommy!”  Once he started saying that, I knew she was IN.  And of course, my insisting that she get in the family Christmas photo… well, that sort of sealed the deal.  It was shortly after that photo was taken that he told us we could keep her!  So it was a very Merry Christmas for us!
I will post Christmas photos soon ~ it’s just been so busy with the kids off school this week and last.  I know you all understand! 

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  1. says

    Awe Congratulations on Miss Penny, she reminds me of our Archie when he was a chewer…wait, he still they ever out grow it i wonder??

    Anyway, I agree with you, if you are going to be a dog owner, they must be part of the family otherwise, what’s the point!

  2. Anonymous says

    I’m so happy for Penny & for all of you! Yay, Rich! :) a family with 9 kids keeps an orphaned pup for Christmas…it sounds like those hallmark Xmas movies my mother watches. :) I’m so relieved for Penny. Happy & healthy new year to you and your family!

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