what we did on Valentine’s Day

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Just a tad.
So I saw this on Pinterest…..
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and right away I thought,  hey! I can do that!   Even if mine don’t come out as cute as the photo, it will still be FUN to make with the kids.  And it’s all about FUN and the KIDS, right?  Right.  So this is what we did on Valentine’s Day.  Well, actually, this is what me and the kids did on Valentine’s Day. Rich and I celebrated by going out to dinner together later that evening… because it can’t always be all about the kids!
Aria cracks me up with her facial expressions these days.

You might be wondering…what’s up with the sad face?  Well, at this moment I said, “Aria…make a sad face for the camera.”  and that is exactly what she did.


Ours definitely did not come out looking like the ones on Pinterest, but you know what? They didn’t look awful, either, considering a three year old and a five year old did the dipping and rolling, while I stood by and watched.  Well, okay…maybe I did a few myself, but I swear these two did most of them!  And just in case you’re wondering…yes, my kitchen did get messy.

Thank goodness I had a little helper to clean up the mess!

She said, “Mommy, I’ll help clean up, okay?”  and I said, “Okay!”  because even though I could have done it much quicker and better myself, I know these days of her wanting to help clean will be short lived.  I have enough older kids in the house to know this is true!

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  1. says

    WAIT! You saw something on Pinterest and you ACTUALLY DID IT?!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is a first…LOL.
    They look so cool and your little ones are adorable!

    ( So are your bigger ones —> )

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