naps are good

At lunchtime he got angry at his sister for turning the umbrella towards herself, leaving him exposed to the sun… so he flung her plate off the picnic table, spilling her sandwich all over the cement.  The dog quickly grabbed it and ran off.  Mom was not happy.
During outside playtime, he got angry at one of his siblings…so he took a baseball and threw it at a window of our house.  Luckily he’s only five and his throw isn’t that powerful yet, and the window did not break.  But still.  Mom was not happy.
After lunch he got angry when I told him to turn off the X-box because it was reading time and not playtime…and he stomped his foot and threw the X-box controller down on the floor.  It didn’t break, but still.  Those things are expensive!  Mom was not happy.
So after this last incident,  this five year old who doesn’t take naps anymore was sent to his room to take a nap.  Oh, he wasn’t happy about it.  Not one bit.
“But I’m not tired!”  he protested.
“I won’t fall asleep!” he threatened.
Okay, I said, tucking him into his bed.  Then just lie there and don’t sleep.  But stay IN your bed.
He told me I was mean.  
I told him I loved him.  And I shut the door.
I went back five minutes later to check on him, and this is what I found:
SLEEP.  It does a cranky, angry, throwing-a-fit five-year-old boy good.
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    Isn’t it amazing? It’s amazing. Was he non-angry when he woke, better for the rest of the day? Also, I still need naps! (And sometimes I take them at work in the bathroom, sssshhhh).

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