when it’s just one

There is one day during our school week where the older homeschooling kids take a couple of classes with our charter school.  Two of them take an art class, and the other takes a US History class.  This is great for them (to be away from mom for a change!)  and this is also great for Aria, who then has mom to herself for about two hours. For my three year old, there is nothing better than “Special Time” with mommy!
Sometimes we go to the library.
And sometimes we go to the zoo.  It’s not a big, commercialized zoo with theme attractions and all that, but more like the zoo in that movie We Bought a Zoo (which is a wonderful movie, by the way! We took the kids to see it and they all loved it, especially Aria)  Its more like a park with animals.   It has monkeys, llamas, birds, anteaters, and some farm animals.

The grounds are very pretty.  I’ve been taking my kids here for quite a few years.  I usually have at least 4 or 5 kids with me, but never just one.  It’s a very different experience when I have just one.

I enjoy watching her explore things on her own, without following the lead of her older siblings.  I like to see where her own mind takes her and hear the questions she comes up with.   I love the conversations we have.

Sometimes I look at her and feel a pang of loneliness for her, but that’s only because I’m so used to having many small children with me instead of just one.  I can’t help but to visualize all of them there with her.  It seems very odd to have just one when we visit a place like this.  At the library it’s nice having just one.  But at a zoo?  At a park?  Places like that it just seems like the more the merrier.

But that’s just my own crazy thoughts.  To Aria, being just one for two hours once a week is nothing short of wonderful, no matter where we spend that time.

And it’s kinda special for me, too!
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    I LOVE this!! Even being the eldest of just three…well, technically five but that’s a whole other story, we all cherish one-on-one time with the parents! Its so very special. Even now that I’m 21, I still love hang time with just me and mum :)

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