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    That is SO funny, and SO true. I honestly think that I’m the only one in our house who knows how to change the loo roll! It can be rather annoying though. The same as when people take their plates and put them onto the worktop, but don’t actually put them in the dishwasher. Why do they do that?! Perhaps they think we have a little fairy in the house who magics all these things away. Grrrrr!

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    Lol ohhh this is an all too common sight! I thought now that I no longer live at home with my siblings it would be a non-issue! Turns out unless you live alone, there’s always one person who does it!

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    Not sure why but it does seem to be a difficult task in most homes.

    I stumbled upon your blog and I have spent the last hour reading about your sweet Audriana. We have a brain injured child too, his came about in a very different way but it changed our world in an instant too. Joel was 4 at the time too, he was getting headaches and to make a long story a little shorter it was discovered that he had a large malignant brain tumour. The brain surgery was the most damaging of his treatment although we have been warned about long term side effects from the radiation to his brain too. When Joel woke up from surgery he could not walk or even sit up he lost motor control down his right side of his body, he had some facial paralysis, his one eye turned in, and his head flopped to the one side. A few days after surgery he developed something called Posterior Fossa Syndrome and went mute. We are two years later now, Joel is walking even doing a wobbly run. He is talking but he has difficulty finding the right words and still struggles with speech. He has come along way and has a long way to go. I have never heard of patterning before. Actually we were given next to no direction on how to help Joel, we have had to fight to get physio, OT and speech therapy but even then his therapist haven’t worked with a child like Joel. It is very frustrating. I am glad I found your blog. Even though Joel’s trauma came through cancer I can relate to the idea of the child before and the child after. Joel looked very different to me too, I am finding he is looking more like my old Joel. Thanks for sharing her story and the hope.

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    I don’t have kids but my husband does this! He also throws his clothes on the floor in Front of he hamper.

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