don’t look now

Don’t look now but
it looks like someone is almost
 too big to ride
 in the
You know your child is too big for the baby swing
 when she can STAND UP while sitting IN the baby swing.
Yep, I think little Aria’s baby swing’n days are almost over.

She will be FOUR at the end of this month!
Time for the Big Kid Swing, baby girl.  

Yep, she’s ready for it!

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      Well, yes… but she hasn’t perfected it. My fault — because I’m always pushing her, so she hasn’t had the need to really do it by herself. See now, that’s the problem with being the “baby” in the family. With all the others, by the time they were 3 or 4 years old, I was already pushing a baby in the baby swing, so that kid HAD to learn to pump or the swing would never move!

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