ages and stages

A few of my little ones, when asking to get together with a friend, call it a “playdate”  —
“Mommy…can I have a playdate with Gavin?”   
Then I have my preteens who no longer call getting together with a friend a “playdate” but rather just “hanging out.”
“Mom, Chase called.  Can we hang out?”
Then I have the teenagers who don’t call it a “playdate” or “hanging out” — in fact, they don’t call it anything at all.
“Mom.  I’m going to Maddie’s.  I’ll text you.”
And then there’s the 21 year old adult-child-still-living-at-home.
“See ya.”  he says, as he grabs his car keys and heads for the door.
“Where are you off to?” I ask, just because I still can.
“Don’t know.  Just out.  Might get together with a few friends. See ya.”
Then out the door he goes.  Sometimes I know where he’s going.  Most of the time I do not.  It took me a while to be okay with that.  He’s almost always home by 10:00pm, and if he’s going to be later then he calls me.  When dealing with an adult-child-still-living-at-home that’s about as good as it gets, so I’m not complaining.
It’s so strange to have all these different ages and stages in the house.  
Sometimes I forget the age and stage I am dealing with.
“Mom, I’m bored.”  complains 11 year old Avery.
“Well, why don’t you call up one of your friends for a playdate?”    
“MOM!!!  I’m SO sure!!  I don’t have “playdates”!”
And she stomps off to her room.
Oooops.  It seems I have offended her.  
But wasn’t she just six years old, like, yesterday?  I can’t keep it straight.
There’s nine of them and one of me.  They shouldn’t expect me to keep it straight.  
This fall I will have one starting preschool, one in Kindergarten, two in elementary, two in middle school, one in high school, and two in college.  Just thinking about that makes my head spin. 
Sometimes I will think, “Man, what did I get myself into?”  when the demands of parenting so many hits me all at once. Yes, there are a few moments like that during my days.  But most of the time I think, “Wow, this is kind of awesome….”    and I find myself wishing that this “stage” in my life would never end.  
Because it really is a lot of fun.

July 14 ~ me on my birthday, surrounded by most of my children :)


    • says

      Well, I don’t know. If by “messing around” you’re referring to just being with friends and doing nothing in particular, then yes….that would be the same as the term “hanging out”. But if “messing around” refers to a boyfriend/girl friend type of thing and spending alone time together in THAT way, well then no. The new term for that is “hooking up” and my kids know better than to use that term around me, as there is no “hooking up” allowed in this family! LOL

  1. says

    I love this!! You seriously inspire me as a mother!!
    I have always adored children, and cannot wait until the day I become ‘Mum’. I would love to just keep having children until I can’t any longer, but I don’t think I could ever be half the mum to them as you are to yours!!
    Such a beautiful, love-filled life!!

  2. TamaraL says

    Aww, I am a little envious of your large family…you do make it sound so special! I have three and sometimes wish I would have had more, but my youngest is 16 so I know that won’t happen! I do have two amazing granddaughters, and that is such a blessing! I hear you on the adult child living at home…my 21 year old son lives at home when he’s not away at college and that has been quite an experience. Happy Belated Birthday!

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