New York

This summer my husband took our twelve-year-old son, Alex,  to New York.  Just the two of them.  They were gone six days.  That was some serious Father/Son time!

Rich was born and raised in New York, so he had a lot of things to show Alex.   These are the photos that I got from Rich’s little point-and-shoot camera.  Before he left on the trip, I practically threatened begged him to take some good photos during this trip.  After all, not only was this Alex’s first time in New York, but it was also his first time on an airplane. And I hated that I wasn’t there to take the photos!  I had to trust Rich to document it all for me. Rich, the guy who usually cuts people’s heads off in photos.  I was at his mercy.

Okay, not a bad photo!  in fact, I love this one.

Coney Island!

Alex said this roller coaster was very “jerky and bumpy — nothing like the ones at Magic Mountain!”

Time Square!

Central Park!

A New York horse-drawn carriage!

Love this photo that Alex took!

They rowed a boat in Central Park.  Check out that green water ~ ewww!

Rich, being a fire fighter himself, couldn’t resist jumping in with these guys for a photo opportunity.  This is such an excellent photo — great job, Alex!

They called me from the top of the Empire State Building.  My last words before we hung up were to Rich:  “Honey…be SURE to take a photo of Alex on top of the Empire State Building!!”  and he said, “I will. I promise!”   and here’s the photo he took.   Oh yea, this is one of my favorites.  I’m thinking of getting it enlarged, framing it, and hanging it up in our living room.

I love this view!

First time on the subway!

The new World Trade Center under construction

at the 9/11 memorial


They went bike riding one day.  I wonder who took this photo?

Down at “the shore”

in the airport waiting for the flight home — doesn’t he look a little bit like a New Yorker here?

Here’s Alex talking to me right before take-off.   I sure did miss them while they were gone!  But I am so happy that they took this trip together!  What a great memory.


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    Hi there! I just came across yout blog and I’m finding specially interesting as I’m the youngest of 10 kids – well I say kids, I’m 34 and the oldest is 53 – and is very interesting reading about a similar family being raised on the 21st century.
    I have just started my little family myself and am finding hard to adapt to the idea that my little boy will probably be only chid…it seems so unfair to give him a tiny family when I had such a great one to grow up in.
    lovely kids by the way and lovely pictures.

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