Just call me Little Miss Sunshine…

My blogging buddy Joe over at The Cranky Old Man gave my blog an award…the SUNSHINE award…he says because I “truly fit the name of this award” — and so I’m thinking me? a sunshiny-type of person?  Eh, I don’t know about that…but hey, who am I to argue with a cranky old man?  I’ve been taught to respect my elders, so if Cranky says I’m a little piece of sunshine, then I must be!
Thanks, Joe!  Err – I mean Cranky.  

Seriously, the guy isn’t so much cranky as he is funny.  The blog should be called Funny Old Man.  But he sees himself as cranky so who am I to argue?  It’s the whole respecting my elders thing again.  

Okay, so now I’m supposed to answer a few questions.  This is part of the award and I just can’t get out of it.  So here goes:

 I love cats.  I can’t have cats due to my husband being allergic.  But I’ve always had cats growing up, and I really do miss having one.  Dogs are great, too, just more work.  And I like easy.

FAVORITE NUMBER:  14– my birthday day.  

FAVORITE DRINK: If we are talking sodas, I like Sprite.  If we are talking alcohol, I like red wines.  If we are talking every day consumption, I love water but HATE Arrowhead bottled water.  Tastes like pool water to me.  

FACEBOOK or TWITTER?   Ugh, Twitter…what IS that all about, anyway?  Seriously NOT a fan of Twitter.  I like Facebook and I’m starting to really LOVE Instagram!!  

  I’m passionate about being a mom and a wife.  It’s all I’ve ever really wanted to “be” when I grew up! 

GIVING or GETTING PRESENTS:  I really DO enjoy giving much better.  I love making people happy.

 Definitely Mother’s Day.  It’s like my only payday of the year — and I don’t mean in gifts.  It’s where my “job” is acknowledged and appreciated the most.  The day is set aside for just that, so I consider it my payday.

FAVORITE FLOWER:  I grew up with roses surrounding my home…so I’d have to say roses are my favorite flower.  White, especially.

So now I’m supposed to choose a blog that I think deserves this award.  This is hard because there are SO MANY wonderful blogs that I love reading…

But I’m going to have to go with Erin’s blog at The Sunny Side Up — her blog’s name says it all.  Her posts are uplifting and cheery. I find that I need my daily dose of Erin each day.  Plus, she’s one super organized mama!  I get a lot of ideas from her blog.  


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    I have to laugh when I read you “like it easy” you have 9 children with one on the way and you “like it easy?”

    Maybe you should get the “Looney Award!”

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    Oh Katrina! You are so sweet! Thank you. I am so honored to receive this award from you! I have to say that I have been reading your blog for 40 minutes now. I read that you weren’t fond of Feb. 17th and linked to your story about your sweet Audriana. Oh my word. How have I not read that before? I have had huge tears just streaming down my face. I can’t believe all you have been through. What an amazing story. What an amazing daughter you have. And what an amazing mother you are. So much love and faith and hardship. I wish I could give you a hug right now!



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