30 weeks & park days

And so here I am today, at 30 weeks pregnant.  Only ten more weeks to go?  How is that possible.  Time seems to be speeding up lately, instead of slowing down like I’d like it to. I’m enjoying this pregnancy; feeling the baby move, sharing the experience with my kids…and I am not in any hurry to have it end. Except, of course, I’m super excited to meet our new little boy.  So looking at it that way….YAY! Just ten more weeks left!
I’m feeling good except super heavy this time around. I went into this pregnancy much heavier than I did with all my others, so my weight is really getting up there.  Of course in this photo I’m wearing black, and black always  makes you appear slimmer than you really are, and it helps that I’m 5’9″ tall.  But don’t let my height and my black clothing fool you; I’m really getting huge.

But it’s all good.  Just so long as the baby is healthy, and he is healthy!  And strong.  There’s a soccer player in there, for sure.  

And I love when he kicks and moves when my kids are touching my belly.  They get such a thrill when they get to feel their baby brother.   

They also like to press their face in my belly and talk to him.  Mostly they say, “Wake up!”  because they want him to move.  Poor kid, he can’t even get uninterrupted sleep in the womb with all these brothers and sisters bothering him all the time.  Ah well, such is  life of the youngest of ten.  He may as well get used to it.

 We have been going to this park lately 
because the kids love the rock wall. 
And they love sitting up high to eat their lunch.  
It makes me a bit nervous, them being up so high.  
They look like high rise construction workers on their lunch break.


  1. Steph says

    Wow, 30 weeks already!? This pregnancy has gone by so fast (easy for me to say:) You look great. Wishing you an easy 10 more weeks.

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