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Andrew has taken quite a liking to my Canon 60D.   At first I was hesitant to hand it over time him, being that he’s only six years old and the camera is an expensive one, but in time he has proven to be very careful with it.  So I trust.
Besides, I think he looks pretty cute as a photographer.  Very professional, even.  Well, you know, for a Kindergardener.
Most of the photos he has taken are of me and my belly.  I am his model while he learns how to work the camera.  Of course I do not mind one bit, because usually it’s me behind the camera taking the pictures of everyone else.  So it’s nice to be the subject for once!
He’s still only working in the auto mode, learning how to zoom the lens and press the shutter release only slightly to put things in focus.  This is taking him some practice because it takes patience, and six year olds boys aren’t really known for their patience!  He would rather press the button quickly to capture a shot.  But then he sees the result of that – a blurry photo – and so he’s learning to take the time to be sure everything is in focus first.

Another thing he is learning is to put the subject of the photo off to either the right or the left of the frame – not always in the center – which makes a more interesting photo.

He is pretty good with the zoom!  I love these belly shots he did.
I’m so proud of my budding photographer!


  1. Irene Eisenhut says

    At 6 he is quite creative! I love giving kids the opportunity to see life thru their own eyes. I’m always amazed at their sensitivities. His belly shots are sweet.

  2. Steph says

    I can’t believe how mature your six-year old looks while he is taking a photo. He is so adorable and so are his pictures of you!

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