raising funds = no fun

So today was the annual jog-a-thon fundraiser at our elementary school.  It’s when we are supposed to collect a bunch of pledges from friends and family so that our kid can run around the track for 30 minutes and earn money per lap for the school.
 …and there’s AJ running his little heart out
I know there is a need for fundraising.  I know our schools are terribly underfunded and these fundraisers are needed.  But I hate sending my kid around to neighbors, friends, and family to ask for money for their school, for sports, for whatever. It’s bad enough that my girls go around each year selling Girl Scout Cookies.  Well, actually that isn’t so bad because people actually get something for their money, and Girl Scout Cookies sell! But to give money for my kid to run around a track for 30 minutes?  I just can’t bring myself to ask for that. 

They even have the little Kindergarteners out there running…running for funds.
Go, Andrew….Go!!
Fundraising isn’t all that fun.  The word FUN shouldn’t even be in it.  (yes, I know it’s FUND and not FUN…I’m just say’n)   It’s really not fun asking people for money. It’s actually very awkward. Not only do we have the jog-a-thon fundraiser, but we also have school magazine drives and wrapping paper sales.  And I don’t send my kids around to sell those items, either.  Not because they aren’t things people might want – they actually have very well-made and cute (yet overpriced) wrapping paper,  and who doesn’t want a magazine or two delivered to their home?   But I think that for us, for our family, it’s just too much.  We have a too many kids for fundraising.  They can’t ALL be walking around the neighborhood asking for pledges and trying to sell stuff.  How would that make our family look?  Girl Scout Cookies, magazine drives, jog-a-thons, nut sales, gift wrap — all the fund raising they are asked to do throughout the year is just too much.  It would be too many kids out there from one family trying to sell.  The neighbors would hate us.  Our friends and family would stop answering our phone calls for fear we are trying to sell them something again.  

Nope, I’m just not going to do it.  I won’t ask others.  I won’t.

so thirsty after his run!

But yet I know fundraising is necessary, and I want to do our part.   So, guess who buys it all?  Guess who takes the place of the neighbors, friends and family that they won’t be asking?  Yep, that would be me.  I buy.  I pledge.  I donate.  Just a little bit for each kid, to make it fair.  I do this for two reasons: 1) to help the schools, and 2) because they always have some kind of classroom ice cream party or something if EVERYONE in the class turns in at least one order.  They strive for 100% participation, and the pressure of that is huge.  Each kid feels it.  And do I want MY kid to be the reason that the class didn’t get the ice cream party?  No, I don’t think so!  


  1. says

    We had these for LL and Pop Warner and i hated them. Usually they were candy drives, and i bought the candy…and gained 10 lbs every drive. I don’t remember having them for the school, even for my now 15yo, so I guess our taxes cover most costs.

    I did hate the drives we did have.

  2. Anonymous says

    I know what you mean. I only have 2 kids, but we do the school fundraiser in the fall and the GS one in the spring. Those cookies sell themselves :)

  3. says

    I’m a total supporter of the cookie sells! I keep my freezer stocked with cookie dough from school fundraisers. All the neighborhood kids are on to me and know I can’t turn them down.

  4. says

    we homeschool but I cannot say no to any little child who knocks on my door. I wish they would do more spaghetti dinners or something where I feel like I am getting something back

  5. says

    My son is at Nursery/Pre-school this year but in September he is due to start school and I am dreading all the fundraisers that we are going to have to collect sponsorship for!

    This year we’ve only had two so far, I’m hoping that’s it for this year lol x

  6. says

    I fell a lot like you. My husband on the other hand, He will not say no to one child. We have more gift wrapping paper, discount cards and candy then anyone I know. That man has a heart of mush. I guess that is why I love him so much! :)

    There is another /last post of baby Ezekiel. on my blog. I don’t know if you read it. He was born on Saturday. He was so cute. He is with Jesus now.

    Thank you so very much for your prayers. We feel like God was so good to Britt and Steven. What an awesome God we serve!


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