The boys’ bedroom project is underway. It has been a slow go due to Rich’s busy work schedule which keeps him away for days at a time. But on his days off he is in the boys’ room, building those bunk beds. Alex is always in there, too, watching and learning, and helping when he can.  Rich has been showing him how to measure and cut the wood, how to use a level, and other things that go along with making these beds.
When Alex was a little boy and I’d ask him, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  he would always answer, “I want to be a builder!”  He was so enthusiastic about it, and it was so cute.  Now, at age 14, when I remind him of what he said, he claims he doesn’t remember saying that, and that IF he said that it must have been because he watched the cartoon Bob the Builder so much.

Hmmm.  I don’t know about that.  I remember his early years quite well, and it had nothing to do with any Bob the Builder.  He never even watched that cartoon much.  He was more of a Rolie Polie Olie fan.

But whatever.
I’m really enjoying that the two of them are working on this project together.  I think it’s a pretty neat father & son activity.  Alex is learning how to use the power tools, and he’s learning skills that will be useful to him in later life….you know, like when his wife asks him to build their kids some bunk beds.
I’m trying to be patient with this project.  I want it done, like, yesterday.  The boys need to be back in their room!  They are like little drifters around here — hobos who have no real place to call their own, just going from room to room each night, flopping wherever they can find a space.  At first it was fun…but now it’s just getting old.
So far the frames have been installed.  The space you see in between the two frames is where the stairs will be.
The wood strips on the ceiling are bolted into the rafters above, and the wood strips on the walls are bolted into the frame of the house.  Those bunks will be very secure!

Tomorrow they will work on building the frames that hold the four mattresses in place.  I’m excited! Hopefully the boys will be in their finished bedroom before Christmas.  That would be ideal.

My favorite sound lately is the power saw, and my favorite smell is wood.   That sound and that smell means PROGRESS!  Yay for progress!


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