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For Christmas Aislynn got a really nice lunch bag that she had been wanting for a long time. You know the kind.  They have zippers and pockets and the fancy matching thermos.  For months she would point it out whenever we were in Target and would say, “Mom…I really, really want this bag for my school lunch! Pleeeease buy it?” and I would always pass it up because I knew that if I bought it, she’d take it to school maybe two or three times and then she’d leave it there and we’d never see it again.  I thought this not because I’m a Negative Nelly or a Doomsday Dora, but rather because I’m a Been-There-Done-That Mommy of Ten.  These fancy lunch bags with their fancy matching thermoses do not last in this family.  Every kid before Aislynn has had one, and they get lost and misplaced and taken home by another kid in class within the first two weeks of school, and that makes them just not worth the money. I personally like the brown sacks for lunches.  They are cheap and they are disposable.  No cleaning necessary.  Easy.  I’m all about easy.
But as Christmas drew near,  I softened.  So I bought her that fancy lunch bag with all the zippers and pockets and the fancy matching thermos, and Aislynn opened it up on Christmas morning and she was SO happy! SO excited! SO grateful!   She could hardly wait to go back to school with that new bag of hers. And guess what?  She used it twice.  It’s been MIA at school for about 5 days now.    Yes, I wrote her name and phone number inside of it.  And yes, we checked the Lost &  Found.   It’s not there.  
How does this happen?  I mean, if it’s not at school where she left it, and it’s not in the Lost & Found, then some other kid took it home, right?  And if some other kid took it home, didn’t the parents notice that their kid who didn’t have a lunch bag suddenly has a lunch bag?  with another kids’s name inside of it??!!!?    I mean, I think I would notice something like that.
So until her fancy lunch bag reappears,  Aislynn is forced back into the brown sack lunch line with the rest of her siblings, and of course she’s not too happy about that.  
This is what our kitchen island looks like Monday ~ Friday at about 7:35am
Speaking of things going MIA, I’m back from my blog break.  I guess I should have written a post about me taking a break from blogging during the holidays but I just don’t plan ahead like that. And I know I left you all hanging about those built-in boys’ bunk beds.  I’d love to report that they are finished! and that they look awesome!  But the truth is that the project stalled right around our busy Christmas time.   We plan on working on their bunk beds again this week.  Of course when I say we I mean Rich.Despite the bedroom not being finished, the boys started sleeping in their new beds in December, which was nice because the little vagabonds were cluttering up the house with their sleeping bags and pillows.  Here is a photo of what the room looked like back in December.
And right now it still looks like that except the wood flooring has been installed and they have their mattresses and bedding in the bunks.  The staircase will eventually have a wall on both sides and the top bunks will have railings, and of course the room needs painting.  And the moulding needs to be put in.  Yep, lots of work to be done.  I’d say we are about 60% finished right now.  It’s a slow go because the guy I hired to do the work has a second and a third job (fire fighter and daddy) and can’t work on it everyday like he’d like to! (or rather, like I’d like him to)
Aiden is now seven and a half months old.  This is a photo of him taken today when we were at A.J.’s soccer game.  Look at those long legs!  He’s getting so big.
He crawls all over the house, and he can pull himself up into a standing position. He’s a busy boy pulling up on everything.  He loves to stand.  He stands up in his crib and then screams when he can’t figure out how to lower himself  into a sitting position again.  I will come into the room and he will be hanging onto the crib railing for dear life,  with this look on his face that says “HELP ME! I’ve stood up and I can’t sit down!”
He is so much fun!  He’s played with and cherished and doted on every second he is awake, and sometimes even when he sleeps.  We all love him so much.  He gets so much attention around here.
Santa, baby!
And his eyes are still blue!  Just like his mama’s!


  1. says

    Yeah, You’re back!!! I figured that you have been very busy, with life, and all, but I’ve missed your writing and your family pictures. Facebook is nice, but your blog is even better. Welcome back!! Love the pictures!!!

    Sharon M.

  2. says

    OMH!!! He is his Daddy’s Boy!! Identical (but slightly younger).
    Will the bottom bunks not be too dark if you put a wall up by the steps?
    I’m sure you’ve thought of that already. I’d love to see a picture of it today (a mid pic, if you will).

  3. says

    Aiden is very cute.

    Built in bunk beds is a great idea.

    I guess some parents do not take notice of any thing new their kids bring home or are too embarrassed to call and give back what their kids brought home by “MISTAKE”.

  4. Anonymous says

    Welcome back, Welcome back, Welcome back to the tune of Welcome back Carter. Glad you enjoyed your time away and your baby is just beautiful! Bobbie

  5. Anonymous says

    I’m glad to hear you gave Aislynn the chance to succeed or fail on her own with the fancy lunch box without leaving it with “everyone else has failed at this” . As the youngest of 8 kids, I got that line quite a bit and I didn’t like that I didn’t get a chance to prove myself responsible in so many areas. Don’t forget that, even though you may ultimately be right, at least they will get a chance to succeed or fail on their own without the need to always be in the long shadow of the failures of their older siblings.

  6. Steph says

    Glad you are back! I feel your pain about the fancy lunch stuff—-where does it go?? Aiden’s pictures are beyond adorable. Thank you!

  7. Anonymous says

    I just love those bunk beds, but I had a thought, what about putting a hinged door on both sides of the stairs so you can access that space for extra storage. I’m all about extra storage. Can’t wait to see them finished. Great job.

  8. Anonymous says

    Those bunk beds are going to be awesome! I bet your boys are so excited. Aiden is such a cutie, he looks like happiest little guy, and those chubby baby cheeks and beautiful eyes are just so sweet. Sorry to hear about the missing lunchbox, I bet your daughter was really disappointed, that’s a bummer.

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