Old Maid

My Kindergartener gets out of school each day two hours before her siblings do.  During that time she eats lunch, plays with the baby for a few, and then it’s all about “Mommy, will you play with me?”
Today she wanted to play Old Maid.  I told her that Old Maid is best played with more than two players because it’s all about trying to get pairs and passing the Old Maid card around and around and trying to guess who is holding it so that you won’t pick it.  But with only two players there is no mystery at all and it kind of defeats the purpose of the game.  So she heard all that and was like, blah blah blah I don’t care I wanna play Old Maid.
So, we played.

This made her happy.

The cards got delved out and we sorted through our hands and set down any pairs that we had. Since I did not have the Old Maid, I knew that Aria did.  I’m clever like that.  I wondered how she would handle having the Old Maid in her deck.  Would she be secretive about it, or obvious?
I found out when it was my turn to pick a card from her deck.
Hmmmmm.  I wonder where the Old Maid card is?
The thing about playing with only two people is that the game goes really, really quick.  This is because the cards you need to make a pair are in the other player’s hand.  So with each turn, you put down a pair. Aria and I took turns picking a card from each other’s deck, putting down pairs and passing that Old Maid card back and forth.  Each time one of us picked the Old Maid card from the other, the other would say, “Ahhhhhhh!!! You got the Old Maid!!! Ahhhhhh!” pointing and laughing.  We had no mercy for the holder of the Old Maid.
Then it came down to three cards:  one in my hand, and two in hers.  The two in her hand was the card that I needed to make a pair (and win the game)  and the Old Maid card.  She was hoping that I’d select the card on the right.  But I didn’t.  I picked the card on the left.  And I left her holding the Old Maid card.
And this, my friends, is the face of the loser.  See the smile behind the card?  She was a good sport!
So we played again.
I lost the second time.


  1. Anonymous says

    So refreshing to see a child that knows how to lose gracefully. I notice that some students at my school do not like to lose. Aria is adorable!!

    Sharon M.

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