Nine Months!

So this is my sweet baby boy at nine months old.  His new thing: chomping down on the spoon when we feed him.  He thinks he’s so clever!
Grrrrr!!  I pity the fool who tries to take this spoon from my mouth!
He’s been a busy boy.  Lots of new things going on with him.
He pulls himself up into a standing position every chance that he gets.
He enjoys being carried around by his mommy!
while she sells Girl Scout cookies
while she shops at Tilly’s with big brother Alex
while she makes mashed potatoes
Okay, let me just stop right here to say that I love, love, LOVE our new Ergo carrier!   I can carry Aiden around for days in this thing and my shoulders never get sore, my back never hurts — it’s the BEST!   I hardly ever use a stroller anymore.  Instead, I wear him everywhere.
taking a stroll down at the harbor
He loves to eat!  Aiden has a healthy appetite.
Sometimes the kids help me feed him.
Andrew had a rough go at it on this day.  No worries ~ nothing a bath couldn’t fix!
Meanwhile in the bedroom…
a few months ago we took apart our bed frame and put the king mattress on the floor.
We did this so that Aiden will not fall out of our bed.  He sleeps with us, and with the bed frame our bed is about 3 feet off the ground.  I was tired of constantly worrying that he might roll off the bed, so our fix was to just have the mattress on the floor.  Problem solved!
Here he is standing on the mattress while holding onto the back of our bedroom couch (that used to back up against the footboard of the bed frame but now it just backs up against the mattress)  Yes, it looks strange this way, but who cares?  I don’t care.
And here he is standing on the floor and getting ready to “climb” into bed.
Afton came home from college during the Christmas break.  She walked into our room and saw the mattress on the floor.
“What happened to your bed?”
“Oh, we dismantled it.  It’s stored in the garage right now.”
“Why did you do that?”
“We just want the mattress on the floor right now. Safer for the baby, you know, so he won’t get hurt if he rolls off the bed.”
Silence.  Then she shook her head.
“Who does that?!!! You guys are so weird, I swear…”
In this picture Aiden is thinking, Yeah, I got my parents wrapped around my little finger.  Check out what they did to their bed!
But doesn’t he look so cozy, sleeping on the great big mattress on the floor?  This photo was taken just the other morning.  I got out of bed, and in his sleep he scooted right into my spot, put his head on my pillow, and continued sleeping.  Normally he doesn’t sleep on a pillow, so I had to take a picture of him before I took the pillow away.  He looked too cute not to take a picture.
Another thing he does lately is make the “Vroooom! Vroooom!” sound when he plays with his toy cars.  He also does this with Aria’s Barbie jeep, when he can get his hands on it.  And Andrew’s Thomas the Train engines.  Basically, anything that can roll when he pushes it warrants the “Vroooom! Vroooom!”  sound.

He’s a happy, happy baby boy!  Lots of smiles for us every day.

Nine months!


  1. says

    Oh my goodness! What a cutie! It makes ME want to have another baby! You look like you are enjoying him thoroughly. Love, Love, Love my Ergo! I had it for the last two of my six kids. It was a God-send! Haven’t been blogging much, but I am glad I checked in! You look great!

  2. says

    Nice pics. Love your daughter’s comment. Is there any parent of a girl who hasn’t at some time been called weird?

    “A is for Aiden” bib…I suspect there are some children in your family that will dispute that.

  3. says

    Try him out in the ergo on your back in a month or so (He’s probably as heavy as my almost 2 year old) and you will love the ergo even more!

  4. Anonymous says

    I havent checked your blog for a while but was looking through pinterest and remembered you guys were building your own beds and so I wanted to check and see if there were any progress pictures. There weren’t but I was more then happy to see pictures of your baby. My oh my, he is one of the cutest babies and looks like such a sweetheart. Thanks for sharing, it put a smile on my face seeing such a beautiful baby.

  5. says

    Your baby is adorable.
    I thought that letting your baby sleep in your room was a thing of my country India or even countries like India where lack of resources and or space forced us to do so. I guess it can work in any part of the world.
    An Ergo like body swing is used in India by women who did the manual work and it is perceived like a survival device as they cannot afford baby seats and or strollers.
    So after all age old tradition is coming around.

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