We were in San Francisco recently on a family vacation, and the first thing the boys bought with their souvenir  money were these sunglasses.  First Alex bought his, and then younger brothers A.J. and Andrew copied him, because that’s what little brothers do.  At first Alex was a bit perturbed that they copied him, but after he thought about it he decided not to be angry but instead have fun with it (see above photo of an example of him having fun with it)


The thing about my boys is that they don’t stay mad at each other for long, and nothing is ever a big deal.  So you are fourteen and you have the same sunglasses as your eleven and seven year old brothers —  No. Big. Deal.

It would not be the same with my girls.  My girls would rather die than wear things that matched or looked the same as their younger sister.  And if one sister “copies” the other?  Oh, that would cause an argument.  There would be lots of whining.  I’d have to be the referee and decide what’s fair and who gets to wear what, and no matter what my decision, no one is ever happy.



But my boys?  Nope.  They don’t really care about things like that.  They are easy this way.  Hard in other ways,  but for sure easy in this way!


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      Yes, they still say “cool” — they also say “sic” or “sick” — however they spell it. If something is really, really neat, then it’s sick. “Whoa…that is a SICK board!” (referring to someone’s really, really neat skateboard) I can’t seem to get used to the sick word meaning anything other than being ill.

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    I love the picture of the three of them walking. I’d probably have to have that framed somewhere. Even at 5 yrs my daughter gets up set when her younger sister dresses like her. The teenage years aren’t going to be a walk in the park.

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      My 13 year old daughter will never, ever wear something that even resembles what her younger sisters are wearing. But she does love getting hand-me-down clothing from her older sisters. So that’s a good thing!

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      Thank you! There are two boys missing from the photo, though. I wish I had a shot like this with all five of my sons in it. But, the 23-year-old wasn’t with us on this trip, and the 13 month old would probably chew the sunglasses instead of wear them!

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    Wonderful shots and your boys are so handsome. Hope you had a wonderful vacation and how is the pool coming along/

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