I’m linking up with a blog hop of sorts, where you show your “themed” photos.  This week’s theme is TOGETHER….and I think I have plenty of those kinds of photos to choose from:

TOGETHER at the pool

TOGETHER in the van

TOGETHER in the hotel room

TOGETHER in the bed
 Yep, there’s plenty of TOGETHERness in this family :)

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    I love love that first photo! They are a gorgeous group. I love big families!
    I four children and one grandson, and an in home daycare of six. So I’m surrounded by kids. :)

    Thanks so much for sharing with us and welcome to Foto Friday! Next week’s theme is “Black and White”. Come back and join us.


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    Hi there! Thanks for visiting my site and following me. I’ve returned the favor via Twitter, GFC too. You’ve got a gorgeous family. Much love with all those kids huh? Hey, is that photo taken at a Palm Springs Resort?

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