I’m Falling Apart

I have a pinched nerve in my neck. I’m telling you, that’s the worst. I’d rather have a sore muscle because then someone can at least massage it for you, or heat pads can help, or warm water. But I don’t think that there is anything you can do for a pinched nerve, except maybe being adjusted by a chiropractor. So for the past two days I haven’t been able to turn my neck too far without pain.
Then there is my left knee. It’s out of commission. Three days ago while walking in the house I turned to the left while my foot still pointed straight, and I slightly tweaked my knee. It didn’t hurt just then, but I could tell that wasn’t a good move. Sure enough, later that night…pain. The next day, same thing. It hurts to walk on, so never mind jogging. There goes my exercising routine! I’m so beyond bummed about that! Now I have to wait until my knee feels better before I run again. GREAT! It makes me so bummed. What am I supposed to do for my 20 minutes of cardio exercise now? If anyone has any ideas, let me know.
What’s the deal with my bodily injuries? I fee like I’m falling apart, and right when I was feeling so good. It’s just bad luck, I’m sure. I hope!
On to better news….
We are going to Lake Mead soon — I’m excited about that! It’s so pretty there! I will take a lot of pictures. It’s going to be super hot out there, though. I’m happy we have a motorhome to sleep in. We can run the AC and it should be cool enough.
Today me and some of the kids helped Rich with a side job that he has. He is working on a house in our town….taking off all of the wallpaper and then painting the walls with fresh paint. What a job! Has anyone out there taken off wallpaper? All that glue! It’s crazy! Rich was thankful for all the helpers. We tore the paper down while he worked on getting the glue off. The little ones were busy picking up all the shreds of wallpaper off the floor and putting it all in a trash pile. Some of the kids were busy wetting the walls down which helps loosen up the second layer of the wallpaper (the layer with the glue). It was quite the family affair. I only wish I had taken photos!  I missed a photo opportunity!   That’s not like me.  I’m slack’n.
Here’s a cute photo of Avery and Aria.  I love this photo because the American Girl doll is wearing overalls and so is Aria.  They looked like little twins :)

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    Hi Shari,
    No…those are not homemade overalls for the American Girl doll. If they are not from the AG line, then maybe they are from another doll that my girls have. I’m not too sure. But they matched what Aria had on, which is why I took the photo :)

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    we’ve taken off wallpaper, not fun! glad you were all there to help Rich, imagine how much longer it would’ve taken him if you guys weren’t there. what a fabulous family.

    i injured my ankle a while back and was bummed that i had to take a few weeks off from running, but i did spinning classes and the elliptical. not sure if you have access to those, but even if you grab a kids bike and go for a 30 minute bike ride, that should keep you in the game :)

    hope you feel better!

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    I’m so sorry about your back and knee. I will pray for you! I know how very horrible it is not to be able to exercise. Try biking, maybe? Just let your body heal so you will be able to do everything you were doing. I’ve had problems with my feet since having baby #9 so I haven’t been able to jog. Weights have been great though and I was steadliy loosing weight just doing strength training until I got pregnant with #10 :o)

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    Hope your back and knee are feeling better! That is so hard. Those scrapbooking retreats you told me about sound AMAZING. I’m going to have to look into that for sure!

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