Normally when December hits and it’s time to do all of our Christmas shopping for the kids, Rich and I do our shopping separately.  He watches the kids while I run out.  Then I watch the kids while he runs out.  But this year is different.  This year, Aria is old enough where we can leave her with the older kids for a while, and she’s happy and not too much trouble. And the older kids enjoy earning a little extra side cash for the holidays, so it’s a win-win situation for all involved.Although I did most of my shopping this year via the internet, there were still a few items that we needed to shop for.  So we ventured out together this past week, and here is what I discovered:  Christmas shopping with Rich really isn’t all that I thought it would be.  Don’t get me wrong – he’s still my wonderful husband, no change in that.  But he’s just not a good shopping partner.
For one thing, he gravitates to the sports section no matter where we are or who we are shopping for…
Rich:  Hey, what do you think about this?  We gotta get her this!
Me:  Rich, really? Aria needs a hot pink baseball mitt?  Honey, she’s two years old.   I’m thinking more in terms of a new baby doll or a pink tutu.
And he has no sense of what the kids need or want.  It’s like he relives his own childhood wish list over and over again…
Rich:  Hey, check this out!  We have to get this for one of the boys!
Me:   Another bike?!  Are you serious?  Honey, we practically have our own bike shop in the backyard, thanks to your obsession with bicycles.  Enough is enough, already.  No more bikes!
Rich:  Well, I never had a bike when I was a kid.  
(whenever Rich over-buys for something he always blames it on his childhood)
He spends hours in the sporting sections looking over fishing poles (none of our kids wants a fishing pole for Christmas)  and wastes too much time looking in the tennis shoe section  (he’s a bit obsessed with tennis shoes– again, he only had one pair as a kid)  and just how many soccer balls do we need, anyway?  And why does it take so long to pick one out?!!  Is it really necessary for him to pull each one off the shelf, squeeze it, then bounce it a few times,  then squeeze it again?
Rich:  What about this one?
Me:   Oh my gosh, you’re killing me with the soccer balls. Yes! Yes! That one. Yes!  Just pick one!  They are all the same!
Rich:  No, they’re not.  See?  They’re priced differently.  Obviously, some are better than others.
I spent my time walking around after him, wanting so badly to say, “Are you done yet?  Let’s get out of this section.”  I didn’t say it, but I’m sure my heavy sighs and my body language said it all.  He pretended not to notice.
But before I make myself sound too awful, let’s get it clear that he is no better than me when it’s his turn to show an interest in something that I’m interested in.  When we ended up in the little girls’ section of an Old Navy store (gasp!)…do you think he patiently followed me around as I picked up each item of clothing and consider it for one of our daughters?  No way!  It was totally obvious that his main goal was to get OUT of there as soon as possible.
Me:  Awww…wouldn’t this shirt look so cute on Aislynn?!!!
Rich:  Yep, looks good.  Let’s get it.  I’ll meet you at the cash register.
Me:  But we just got here!
And he can spend hundreds of dollars on a new bike for one of the boys, but when I hold up a nice new winter coat for one of the girls….
Me:  This would be perfect for Avery.  Feel how warm the lining is.
Rich:   Mmmmm. Nice.  But does she really need it?  She can wear the one Afton wore last year.
Me:  Are you kidding me? Afton is six years older than Avery.  It will be way too big on her.
Rich:  Hey, better too big than too small.
Me:  Better yet to get her a coat of her own.
Rich:  Hmmmmm.

(a few moments of silence pass as we stare each other down.)

Me:  How about you take her new bike back and she can just ride Afton’s old bike?
Rich:  No way, that’s messed up.
Me:  Hmmmm.
I don’t know how, but after a few nights of this we did manage to get our list finished up and everyone is now shopped for. Done! And yes, it was time spent together and so it’s all good, I suppose.  But next year?  I’m shopping solo again.  I don’t think his feelings will be too hurt over that decision.  I’m willing to bet he’s thinking the exact same thing!

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    Sounds fairly typical. My husband doesn’t gravitate towards anything in particular, other than trying to get it over with quickly. He’s a pretty good shopping buddy, except that he’s NEVER willing to stop for Starbucks on the way home :( .

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