family ties

This is me and my older sister, Theresa.  Isn’t she beautiful? This photo was taken in 1998 but I swear she looks exactly the same.   She lives waaaaay on the other end of the world country from me…far away from my non-flying family (why don’t we fly? because eleven round-trip plane tickets is only slightly out of our budget!)  Anyway, Theresa sort of made me the famous “middle child” in our family (when normally it’s the younger sibling that makes you the middle child)  only because for 15 years I thought I was the oldest.  I had been raised with just my little sister, never knowing I had an older sister until Theresa turned 18 and searched out her birth parents (my mom is her birth mom)  and wow, was I surprised to know that I had an older sister!  I remember being so thrilled…until I saw her for the first time and immediately felt so jealous!  She looked exactly like my mother, when all my life I had been told how much I look like my mother.  She outdid me in that department, that’s for sure.  I guess the sibling rivalry set in there for just second or two, lol.  But after the initial shock of resemblance wore off, I was thrilled to have an older sister.  She has two children, my nephew and niece, and I only wish they lived closer!   They are due for a visit soon.  Theresa, if you’re reading, what does your summer look like?  You guys need to come out here!  

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