she makes me laugh

This morning Aria came into the bathroom as I was cleaning the globs of leftover toothpaste from the sinks.

ARIA: What you doing? 
ME: I’m cleaning the bathroom
ARIA: Why? 
ME: Because it’s dirty. 
ARIA: Why? 
ME: Because kids don’t clean up after themselves, no matter how many times you tell them to. 

(yes…I was complaining to a two-year-old) 
Aria watched, in silence. 
ME: Aria…do you clean? 
ARIA: No, I not a mom yet. 

Yesterday, Avery asked Aria to help her clean up the mess in her room (that Aria made)  and Aria said no

AVERY: Okay, well … then you aren’t my best friend. 

Avery then walked out of the room in a huff, leaving Aria standing there with a look on her face that clearly showed her confusion as to what those words meant to her.  After a few seconds she yelled after Avery…

ARIA: Well…my MOMMY my best friend! My DADDY my best friend! 

(in other words, who needs you! LOL)

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    I love it! I miss 2 year old comments in our house…they are the best! Now I get 5 year old responses to cleaning like, “I feel like a slave” because I make her help with dishes :)

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