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Angie from Sunshine & Lollipops gave me this Stylish Blogger Award!!!
Thank you Angie!
I love your blog too!
The rules of the Stylish Blogger Award are:
Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.  
Share seven things about yourself.
Award seven recently discovered new blogs.
Contact these bloggers and let them know they’ve received the award. 

So here is my 7 things  about me!

1)  I don’t watch any tv — ever.  My kids do, but I don’t.   I don’t want to get hooked on any shows — there’s just too many other things I’d rather be doing.  The last time I was hooked on a tv show was when the NBC Thursday line-up was:  Friends, Seinfeld and E.R. — what was that, back in 1999?  LOL  Seriously, it’s been that long.

2) If I won a few million dollars in the Lottery — I would buy a HUGE house, hire lots of help to maintain the house and yard, and I would adopt children.  I would adopt a few special needs children, too, because everyone always wants a “perfect” child, and I think the not-so-perfect ones are pretty special, too.

3)  My favorite days are rainy days.  I love the smell of rain, the sound of rain, and  being cooped up inside my home, all warm and cozy.

4)  I hate windy days because of two reasons:  it blows my hair in my face and little strands get stuck in my lipstick, and wind gives the air static electricity, and I hate getting shocked whenever I get in and out of the car!

5)  I like changing diapers.  Even the poopy ones.  There’s just something about taking a dirty bottom and making it fresh and clean that makes me feel good.  (sidenote:  I only like changing MY baby’s diapers!  It’s not like I go around asking, “Hey..can I change your baby’s diaper?”  No, I’m not that strange, LOL)

6)  I would much rather be submerged in a box full of tarantulas than a box full of snakes.  Snakes give me the creeeeeps!  I fear getting bit by a snake.  Those fangs….ugh…they just seem so painful.

7)  When I am in my 50’s and 60’s and 70’s ….there really is nothing that I want to be doing except enjoying my family.  I hope that my children live close enough that I can help pick up my grandchildren after school, help out with doctor appointments, babysitting, driving a carpool — just daily involvement.  I don’t want to ever “retire” from what I’m doing today.

The 7 blogs I am giving this award to are …

Enjoy your award I can’t wait to read more about you all!

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    Oh I remember Friends, Seinfeld and E.R. you are not really missing much….But I only get 2 channels :) I like Greys Anatomy – Similar to ER. That the only show I am hooked to.

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    Katrina, Thanks so much for the blog award – my first! That was just so nice of you to include me!
    I LOVE tv – it’s my shameful secret! but, I only watch GLEE right now. That’s 1 hour a week – not too bad, right?
    I thoroughly enjoy your blog – I’ve loved seeing so many similarities, even some unexpected ones – and I will be reading! Blessings, Megan

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    I am visiting from the Friday hop. You have a beautiful family and I applaud you for homeschooling. I have six children but my brother has me beat. He has two adult children and six Grands. When their children were grown they decided to foster and In the last sixteen years they have adopted eight and are raising a niece and nephew. We love big families and feel like you, each child is a blessing from God.

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    Thank you so much Trina! You are so sweet. I have been absolutely buried lately and am so embarrassed by the fact that I have yet to return your e-mail, especially b/c I was reaching out to you. I promise to write soon. I LOVE the winter formal pictures. You have such beautiful daughters, and even more, a beautiful family :-) talk to you soon!

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