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Today I went to The Container Store.  And for those who know me, you know this is one of my most favorite places to be.  I love all the organizational “stuff” they have in this store.  My  mind goes wild as I look around and visualize all the neat ways I can organize my house.  I always have so much fun in this store…
But today?  Not so much.
Why not?  Because I brought these three with me:

Oh, I know what you are thinking.  So sweet, their smiling faces.  Well, don’t let those angelic smiles fool you.  These three can be true terrors when they are together.  Especially when they are in a “boring” store, shopping with mom.
Aria wasn’t so much trouble, actually.  She was sitting in the cart, so really, how much trouble could she be?  If you ignore her whining “When we go home? I want to go! I want to go home nowwwww!” over and over and over again, well…she wasn’t all that bad.  
But the other two?  OMGosh.  They were awful.  They kept annoying each other (“stop looking at me!”)  They kept touching each other (“stop touching me!”)  and whenever I would stop to look at something, Aislynn and Andrew would take off down the aisles, chasing each other, pushing each other, laughing and carrying on.   Touching all the things on display.   Seriously, I looked like an out of control mom.  Not that I lost my temper – I didn’t.  I was calm for the most part.  But I looked like one of those moms who has no control over her children.  
REALITY CHECK:  Today, I WAS one of those moms!
Contrary to popular belief,  I do not always have it all together.  These kids…they don’t always listen to me.  In fact, sometimes they totally ignore me.  
Yes, that frustrates me.
  • Sometimes I yell and lose my temper, although not often in public.
  • I’ve been known to reach over and give them a pinch to get them to mind.  I do this while out and about, because a swat on the bum could get the CPS called on me.

They listen to their father WAY better than they listen to me. Rich can get control of the room with a simple clap of the hands.  Everyone stops the yelling, the fighting, the running around — and all eyes are on Daddy.  Attention!  Just like that.
Yes, I’m a bit envious of that.  I wish I had that same effect on them.  But, that’s not my role here, I suppose.  I’m the nurturer, the soft one.  I’m Mommy.  I’m okay with that, for the most part. 
One good thing came out of shopping with these three today:  I didn’t spend all that much time in the store – we left early because they were making it miserable –  so naturally I didn’t buy as much.  They saved us money.  That’s a good thing, right?
Okay, so on a happier note, Afton took this picture of me the other morning as I was driving her and Audriana to school.  I’m looking pretty sporty in my car, don’t you think?  This is NOT the 15 passenger van, but rather my “FUN” car that I zip around in when I don’t have all the kids with me.  
All moms should have their own FUN car, don’t you think?  We deserve it :)

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    I doa little flick on the ear – less noticeable until someone hollers “Heeeyyyy! Momma, you FLICKED ME!” In a horribly injured voice and the old ladies turn around and look at me like I did something terrible to the innocent wee one. HA!

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