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Alex is starting middle school in just two more weeks.   He’s very excited about this and couldn’t wait for the 6th grade orientation day.   I bribed one of the big kids to watch the little ones for a couple hours so that Alex and I could have this time to explore the school.  We got his list of classes and found each classroom so that he would not be too stressed out on the first day of school.
We found his locker, and he tried to open it.
The first attempt: FAIL
The second attempt:  FAIL

The third attempt:  SUCCESS!!  (notice the I did it! smile on his face?)

I can remember back to my middle school years.  I had the same locker all three years, and the locker combination was 21-47-11…and it never opened for me on the first try.  Never!  Not in all the three years.  I can still remember the panic feeling I had when I sensed that the halls were beginning to clear, and the bell was going to ring, and there I was still fumbling with my locker.  Being tardy to class was the worst feeling.  I still have nightmares about it.  And then I wake up so RELIEVED that I’m not in middle school anymore.
Anyone else have dreams about school?  being late for class?  showing up to school without your pants or your top on?  Or am I the only one?

Alex got his books on orientation day, too.  Three thick books!  Yep, serious study days are in store for this boy.  Welcome to the middle grades, buddy!

My sweet boy…starting such a BIG school.  So many kids.  I worry that he’ll get lost in the shuffle of things.  I worry that he’s going to grow up faster and faster now.   It seems that these middle school years go by so quickly for me!  Before I know it, they are in high school.  I don’t think I’m ready for that to happen to my Alex yet.  
I wish I could freeze time.
Another one takes this step towards independence.  
After he saw all that he wanted to see of the school, he asked if we could go to Baskin Robbins for Ice Cream.  So of course I said YES to that, and I bought him the biggest two scoops of chocolate chip ice cream that they could stack on top of a sugar cone.  You know, because I love him like that.
So I sat across from him, studying his face as he devoured the ice cream.. and crazy thoughts floated around in my mind:  One day this face will have a shadow of a beard and mustache because he hasn’t shaved in a couple days.  One day this face will have a tired look from working long hours to support his family.  One day this face will smile down at kids of his own…  
Sometimes I think my heart can’t take it, the fact that they eventually grow up and out of the home.  I have trouble saying good-bye to a potty seat, for crying out loud.  How am I supposed to do it with my own children?  !!

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  1. says

    Hi Katrina, thanks for visiting and following. My poppy shots were done just with regular lense, 18-55. Im using Canon 600D and trust me Im a newbie to DSLR too. I just enrolled a DSLR course to know how to shoot in manual 😉
    I just read Audriana’s story and feel so touched by it. I always discover a story like yours on a day when I winge about smth absolutely unimportant!
    Have a great day Katrina! xx

  2. says

    Hey Katrina,
    My kids started school today, Grade 1 and Grade 9. They were so excited and I had to hold back tears twice. My son often speaks of when he’ll be a dad and today, that prospect doesn’t seem so far away. Nice to know I’m not the only one out there. Following you back!

  3. Anonymous says

    Had to check out a pic of your husband. Good looking dude, looks to be in shape, is a bit younger than me, but….I could kick his ass!!

    The Cranky Old Man

    Wow, what a beautiful family, NINE!! god bless!

  4. Crittersmom says

    I have five kids, 9,6,5,4 and days away from 1.I gaze at my oldest and am amazed that someday he will sing to his own baby like he does for his siblings.I cried dropping my five year old off at Kindergarten and felt like such a wimp since she is my third, shouldn’t I be used to it by now?Then I see other parents hovering in the hallway wiping at eyes. :)

  5. Anonymous says

    Oh your Alex reminds me of my youngest brother, the baby of the family of 9 kids too, Aaron. He just started his first day of his Junior year of high school. I still am in shock saying that. I am not ready for him to grow old. And he is just my brother. I still think of him as in elementary school. Those middle school years go to fast.


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