Rhino Noses

This week we are on Spring Break!  Yay!
Are my floors getting done?  No!  
Because the wood that we wanted isn’t available until April 26th.   
Delays.  I hate delays!  
So instead of doing our floors this week, we have pool days, park days, museum days, and zoo days scheduled.  Not my original plan, but it’s going to be a good week.  

Yesterday on our walk home from the park,  we saw some rose bushes.  Aria went to pick a rose and I stopped her to show her the “ouchie” thorns, and that reminded me of what I used to do with thorns when I was a kid.  My grandmother’s backyard was covered with rose bushes, and my front yard was covered with rose bushes.  So I  was always surrounded by rose bushes.  And on days when I had nothing else to do with my time, and I would wander over to those rose bushes, pick off a thorn, lick the bottom of it, and stick it on my nose.  I would then pretend to be a rhinoceros.  You have to remember that this was way back when there was no Xbox, iPhones, or laptop computers.  And only 7 channels on the black & white tv set.  Okay…we had color by then, but still.   My point is that I had to use my imagination for a lot of my entertainment.
So of course after I told the kids of my rose-bush-rhinoceros-thorn-wearing days,  the kids wanted to try it for themselves.

And I tried to take photos with my iPhone, but they were too close up and blurred.  Only these two of Andrew came out semi-decent.

My little rhinoceros!  And he kept that thing on his nose the entire walk home.  When he got home, he showed his daddy.  And daddy said, “What IS that thing on your nose!!!”   and Andrew said, “I’m a whinockerous!”

So Aria’s “chore” is to feed the dogs first thing in the morning.  If she can’t find their dog dishes, she just uses whatever container will hold kibble and water.

Milo is thinking….What is this, some kind of joke?

After a few sniffs, he decided to just go with it.

This photo gives an excellent view of our lovely linoleum kitchen floor. (sigh)

We’ve got lots of sleepovers going on this week.  Lots of late, late nights and getting out of bed at 10:00 or 11:00am.  We’ve been having backyard bon fires and roasting marshmallows.  It’s been warm but they say rain is coming tomorrow.  Blah, on Spring Break?  Not fair.  But, we will choose the rainy day to visit the  Children’s Museum.  So, despite my plans of having a brand new floor by the end of the week, we ARE having a good time!



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    The floors will be so beautiful when they’re done that you won’t even remember the delay.

    I hope you have a wonderful spring break; your plans make me want to come and go.

    I love when my kids use their imaginations; they come up with the most creative things. There’s no TV during the week for them and usually, by Friday, they’ve forgotten what day it is and that evening goes by without it being turned on too. I burst out laughing at the containers Aria chose.

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