while I was away….

While I was MIA from the blog world this summer….
She turned four.

She was so excited for her birthday to come.   Her two friends Gigi and Evelyn were her party guests.  In the past, her birthday party “guests” were her siblings, so to have her own friends there was a HUGE deal for her!  We took everyone to Build-a-Bear Workshop  where  guess what? we all built our own bear.  Then we came back to the house for cake and ice cream.   We had a bounce house set up in the back yard, too.  Aria had the “Best Day Ever!”  (her words)
One of her favorite gifts was her Merida outfit (from the movie “Brave”)
I’m thinking I’ve got her Halloween costume covered this year, for sure.
How can she not be Merida for Halloween?  She’s the perfect Merida.
She makes a feisty little red head, don’t you think?
Me and my “baby” on her 4th birthday
So that’s it!  Her baby years are officially over.  I consider three still a baby.  But four?  No.  Four is when you get assigned chores in this house.  When you’re four, the party’s over.  It’s all downhill from there.
She starts preschool this week!   She seems to be looking forward to it.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell how they will react until  THE DAY comes.  I’m wondering if she’ll be like Anthony and Andrew who for the first week clung to me, not wanting me to leave,  and then cried for the first five minutes after the drop-off ….  or will she be like all the rest of them who just waved me out the door with a smile on their face??



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    She is beautiful (and yes, she’d be just as gorgeous as a redhead (I LOVE that wig!)). Isn’t it funny how each kid can be different in the same situation? My youngest is 3 this Saturday and started pre-K last week. He cried for three days and then proclaimed school to be where he wants to be even on weekends. His older sisters? Nary a word or peep, just an OK mommy, byebye.

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    We haven’t seen Brave yet, but your daughter looks so cute as Merida. I just wanted to thank you so much for your support and your insight into our situation. After that last comment, I had received, it left me a bit shaken. I should have known that there would be that would question. This decision was from the Lord. He knows what I can handle and what I can’t. I prayed and prayed about it. It was not something I didn’t question too.

    We are dealing with a host of issues in regards to bullying, but they are growing from it. They are learning things that I was not willing to teach them, not had the energy too. It is good.

    Thank you again!!!

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