I know a lot of you are wondering about our pool construction. We should be swimming in our new pool right about now, right?  Well, our pool construction hasn’t even started yet due to the city permits. We are still waiting on the city permits. The “soils report” to be exact. Everything passed except the “soils report”  which actually did pass but just needed to be rewritten.  And that is taking an especially long time.
So here is what our yard used to look like just three weeks ago:

See the pretty green grass?  the cement path that my kids used to ride their bikes on?  and the sand pit next to the glass fencing? Oh, I miss this yard.

Here is what our yard looks like now:


Just a bunch of dirt, rocks and rubble.  It’s not pretty. And I am sick of the dirt, I tell ya.  The kids can’t play in the yard, but the dogs can, and now they are always filthy dirty.  So I have filthy dirty dogs and bored kids.  Not fun.
They say that the “soils report” should be approved by the end of this week.  So I could get my hopes up.  But they said that same thing last week, and the week before.  This pool project was supposed to be completed by mid-August. And here we are, almost at the mid-August mark and the pool hasn’t even been started.  I was expecting delays, but not this!  This goes beyond the typical delays, don’t you think?
I am trying to be patient.  But the dirt is really getting to me. Especially since it rained just the other day.  So the dirt turned into mud. You know what I hate even more than dirt?  Mud.  Because dirty dogs are one thing, but muddy dogs are quite another. When dirty dogs run into your house, it’s really not that big of a deal. But when muddy dogs run all up in your house, you are cleaning carpet for days afterwards.
So because we have no pool in our yard this summer, we go to the neighborhood pools.  Here is how you can tell that my family is at the pool:
All these matching towels can only belong to a large family.
We went to Arizona for a few days, and stayed at a very nice hotel that had a lazy river.  And we got lazy in that river, let me tell you…just floating around and around in the tubes.  So much fun.
We had a pool view!
And we ate at the buffet every morning. It was an “all you can eat” buffet.  My kids can tear up an all-you-can-eat buffet.  Yeah, that place didn’t even see us coming.


We’ve had a couple of beach days this summer.  Not many, but the summer isn’t quite over yet so we have some more beach days coming up.


Aiden really, really liked the ocean.  He had no fear.  None.  Not even a little bit.  He would crawl out to the waves, actually.  I had to keep pulling him back.


Well, hopefully next time I post there will be more to say about the pool.  I’m thinking something like, “They’ve started digging!”  and  “It’s almost ready to fill with water!” would be nice.




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    Did you happen to go to the Starr Pass Resort in Tucson? It looks just like it. We lived in southern Arizona for 6 years and I miss the weather so much!

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