I have website woes. ~heavy sigh~   For some reason my blog’s post page isn’t white anymore but instead blends in to the background…which makes it very hard to read. Unless it’s only coming up that way for me?  Doubtful.  Something is glitching, for sure.  I wish I knew more about web design. If I did, I would go “in” and fix it.  But since I don’t, I am at the mercy of the person who designed my blog’s template.  And she’s always so busy, I hate to bother her with my trivial stuff.
But guess what?  I’ve learned how to make a blog button ….

Sunny Side Up
and a “grab my button” box….
Sunny Side Up;

Oh yes, I’m proud.  You are darn right I am.  Because I am majorly web design challenged.  So for me to be able to do this is HUGE!  Huge, I tell ya!

So here it is, Sunday the 18th – and would you believe I have not bought ONE Christmas present yet?  Well, believe it.  Because I haven’t.  I haven’t even been out there looking. I haven’t been on Amamzon.com, either.  I’m just a no-shopping-waiting-until-the-last-minute fool, is what I am.  Ah well, it isn’t the first time.  Probably won’t be the last.  

That last week of school before the Christmas break almost killed me.  Everyday there was something extra going on.  Thursday was especially busy. I had 3 school functions to attend: Avery’s choir performance, Andrew’s preschool performance, and Audriana’s high school choir concert.   Then at the end of the night I had the annual Gift Wrapping function at my church.  In between all of that I had the usual stuff going on.  It was busy.  I guess that explains why it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything.

 Andrew was dressed as a shepard boy for his Nativity play

We had a homeschool Holiday Party on Friday, and Santa arrived to sing songs with all the kids! How fun!  And afterwards, each child had an opportunity to tell him what they wanted for Christmas this year.  Aria said, “A purple bike, a new Barbie, and sparkly shoes.”

I just love how this Santa brought Mrs. Claus along!

Even though I have not shopped yet, I am definitely getting into the Christmas spirit.  The house lights are up and looking good, our tree is making the house smell wonderful, and there is Christmas music playing 24/7 in our home.  I love this time of year!

Aria has been playing the piano for us lately, along with singing Christmas songs.

So serious!  She’s concentrating on her song. 

I love how the tree sparkles in the background.

So you know what else is making my Christmas cheery and bright?  Penny!  Oh yes, the dog.  She is doing much, much better!  Thank you to everyone who wrote in advice about what to do about sweet Penny.  I’m happy to tell you that she is doing the nervous/excited pee very seldom now.  She’s so darn cute, and I’m getting attached.  So are the kids.  Rich has not been home much due to working a lot of overtimes, and he won’t be please when he sees just how well she’s adapted to our household, and how much everyone loves her.  Like I said, he really doe not want another dog.  I’m hoping that the longer she is with us, the more she blends in, until finally he doesn’t even notice her.  You think that might happen?  Hey, it’s possible.  What I’m really hoping for is for Rich to fall in love with her, too.  It’s Christmastime…and small miracles can happen during this season, so you never know!

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  1. Anonymous says

    Great pics! I hope rich lets you keep penny. You gave birth to how many of his kids…I think he owes you this one request ;o) happy holidays! Best wishes for a happy new year too for everyone.

  2. says

    sorry about your website. it’s not too hard to read but yes the white box is gone. i love the pic of andrew, still can’t believe how big he is! the pic of the tree with aria playing the piano is really awesome too!

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